Break the Cycle

Father and Daughter Ride Against Sexual and Family Violence

Sponsor miles at $10/mile.

This will be a trying ride as they plan to ride one thousand miles from San Diego, CA est. April 02, 2023, and arrive in El Paso Texas on est. April 12, 2023.


Another opportunity to bring awareness and amplify the needs of survivors due to sexual and family violence.  Not only is there the need to educate the community, but to grow more resources and funding to support those in the communities who due to limited resources desire to do more.-Dr. Gregory Dillon     

Growing up, I've always had a passion to make a change for something. I've lost some friends to domestic violence, and I'm doing this ride to raise awareness. I hope this ride will help focus attention on strengthening the capacity of institutions in charge of helping victims.-Mya "YaYa" Dillon